Monday, October 31, 2011

First Time In a Long Time: Greebo Wood Elves

When I first saw Greebo's Sylvania Elves on Talk Fantasy Football, I knew I had to have 'em. Not only am I not above a little cheesecake in my Blood Bowl collection (cf Murder City Black Wings), but they immediately struck me as one of the most beautifully-conceived fantasy football teams sculpted to date.

Then I saw Micro Art Studios' Forest bases and knew I had not only my next BB team, but a plan. The only trouble was, I'm in Bosnia, with an expensive and unreliable postal service.

Fortunately my buddy Watts came to the rescue, picked up the bases I ordered locally but never arrived, and delivered them to my pal Amila, who dropped 'em off on a visit here. Compared to that the rest is easy peasy!

Here's the first test figure:

It's kind of a sketch so needs lots of touch-ups still. I figured the honking big tree trunk was enough of a hint that I didn't have to paint the team in cliche green and yellow. And while I love my cheesecake, I didn't want a naked team running around, so all that pulchritudinous flesh became white spandex. Still more than sexy enough. The uniform is inspired by Bosnia's national football team uniforms, so I have a reminder of the local flavor when I'm back to Canada.

The rest of the team is fully assembled and primed, and will be ready to take the field in the new year. I can't wait to try them out!