Monday, March 11, 2013

Stuff to Hide Behind

Clockwise from top left: Telecom booths, Municipal Pollution Scrubber, Advertising Boards, Front Stoops, Advertising Boards (again) 

Last month I made a nice order from Antenociti's Workshop for some of their modern and sci-fi terrain. I've had the booths for awhile, and wanted much more clutter on the table, and these kits looked just the thing. I'm working on several more, including some customized Micro Art Studios buildings, but here's what I've finished so far.

I mounted these pieces on platicard in the case of the front stoops. The other bits are based on either 6cm round GW bases or 2" steel washers, faced with textured polystyrene sheeting in either case. I prefer the wider diameter of the GW bases, since it's easier for a 25mm-based figure to nestle up to the terrain piece, but I was cowed by the $2 price tag. The extra weight of the steel washer adds ballast to the pieces despite their smaller diameter.

I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to detailing these pieces. I want to get the job done, not have it be totally perfect, and I'm hoping that having a tabletop full of stuff like this will be appealing in aggregate.