Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tercio de Castille

Most of my Castillan force for Maurice are in white uniforms. Not only is this easy to do in this scale, but it's also a pretty striking color:

I haven't decided on a name for the Regimental Colonel but he likes his fancy uniforms. He pays for them so he gets to wear what he wants.

I've added flags to all my finished units. They're random, but nobody will notice. 

They've also got personalized license plates. 

The Tercio de Castille is the only Spanish infantry unit in the whole force that's Trained; the others are Conscript. That's not gonna last, though. 


  1. I like these even more than the last group. Perhaps it is because the lighter uniforms make the shadows pop a little more. Maybe it is just the word 'Tercio'.

  2. It's the labels. So tidy and neat . . . ;)